About Us



GPD company focus on developing high quality of Windows mini Laptop, UMPC and Android handheld game consoles since 2013. With our efforts and the trust from our customers, we have established a deep and long partnership with many overseas distributors all around the world. We proudly share 80% of the target market.


What We Do
GPD designs, develops our  own brand "GPD" of high 
quality of video Windows mini Laptop, UMPC and Android handheld game consoles. 


Our Advantages
GPD has our own professional design team which integrates the latest technology and provide state of the art products to exceed customer expectations both in quality and price. Our ongoing commitment to provides our distributors with innovative and reliable products at reasonable prices.


Our Mission
To maintain our position as a market leader of innovative technologies, the company has the 4 commitments to our customers:
1) Provide the state of-the-art products with world class technology
2) Supply high quality goods at competitive prices
3) Arranging prompt and cost efficient delivery
4) Aiming at customer's full satisfaction